He's Getting Barbie-fied

Not one of the 600 on the wait list for Fendi's Karl Lagerfeld keychain? Rest assured that some new Karl-memorabilia is coming soon. Mattel announced the release of a limited-edition Barbie Lagerfeld doll. Questionable aspects of Barbie aside, you're going to want to get your hands on this.

Barbie Lagerfeld will launch sometime this fall as part of the Barbie Collector series, which means she'll be pricy, but definitely not as pricy as that keychain. She's dressed, well, like Karl Lagerfeld. Mattel has released an image of the sketch, which reveals just how impeccably rendered Lagerfeld's signatures are on Barbie. According to WWD her outfit will include "a tailored black jacket, a white shirt with a high collar and skinny black jeans. Accessories are key, including a fat necktie, dark sunglasses and black ankle boots." I'm especially charmed by her white-blonde ponytail.

Mattel often collaborates with designers on special edition dolls, but an actual Barbie-fied rendering of fashion's reigning king is something else entirely. I want to have a Barbie Lagerfeld doll on hand at all times to become my little fashionable confidant. I'll ask for her approval of every outfit and she'll stare up at me behind those black plastic glasses and communicate only through exquisite silence. I can't wait.

But, for now, here's a glimpse of what Barbie Lagerfeld will look like when she hits shelves next fall.

Image: jennamcalderone/Twitter