Chrissy Teigen's Got A Word For This Critic

It's been a dramatic day of celebrities tweeting about tragedy. As we've all learned by now, things can get complicated when real-world horribleness clashes with our society's insatiable appetite for celebrity news. Case in point: Chrissy Teigen evoking the Malaysia Airlines crash as a means of offering perspective to her critics.

The critics Teigen was referring to were centered around one of those classic "who wore it better" polls, this time pitting the Sports Illustrated model against Liv Tyler for who rocked a fringe dress with the most panache. One particular tweeter wrote that the dress was ugly but that Tyler pulled off the look better to which Teigen responded "hi @glorianne329 a plane was shot down today carrying 295 people but i agree liv looked better" [sic].

Teigen's reference to the Malaysian Airlines crash in eastern Ukraine certainly seems like it'll be more favorably received than Orange Is the New Black star Jason Biggs' tweet about the incident earlier Thursday. Biggs used the crash as a jumping-off point for a twitter joke, then responded by lashing out at fans. Teigen wasn't exactly cuddling with critics on twitter, but she seemed to be doing it more as a defense against the endless need people have to compare famous women — especially physically.

It's sometimes good to remember that obviously the death of 295 people is more important than how Chrissy Teigen or Live Tyler wore a designer dress in public. Unfortunately for Teigen (and for Tyler), the insatiable appetite for celebrity updates and judgments will probably have an audience all the way through the apocalypse.