Miley Cyrus’ Topless Pic Is Her Best Yet But At This Point, No One Will Notice — PHOTO

Another day, another topless Miley Cyrus photo. The 21-year-old megastar recently posted a picture of herself to Instagram where she, need I even say it, isn't wearing a shirt. In the spirit of honesty, though... it's actually a cool photo. It's weirdly tasteful, kind of artsy, and there's no tongue. It sort of has the brief stench of a Free People ad. Cyrus didn't caption the pic, letting 'gram speak for itself. Well done, Miley.

But, here's the thing. Because it's Miley, most people are wont to roll their eyes at this pic and write nasty comments next to it, since, more often than not, Miley's topless. The shock value is virtually gone for this pop star. Assuming that's what she's after, maybe it wouldn't be a terrible idea to stop posting racy/controversial photos of herself so often, so when she does, people are all, "Oh my god, really, Miley?!" instead of, "Ugh, again, Miley?"

Like I said, this is a legitimately cool, dare I say tasteful, photo of Miley. It's a shame that's not what anyone can see it as, because most people have had their fill of topless Miley pics. I'm telling you, Miley, if you want the wow factor, less is definitely more.

Note the last comment. Lovely, right?

Image: Miley Cyrus/Instagram