Wear Him On Your Chest With Pride

Here's something for all of you die-hard Hiddle-fans out there. If you ever felt the burning desire to wear the actor on your chest, then dream no more, mis amigos. You can now boast your Tom Hiddleston fandom with a Loki shirt courtesy of Tee Fury. The Avengers never looked so good on you.

Unfortunately, the T-shirt just has a drawing of Loki — there's no photo of Tom Hiddleston slapped across your chest — but the idea is there, really. Plus, you can stick it to any naysayer who dares to say, "you really shouldn't be wearing your crush across your boobs like that," by telling those fools that you're simply showing your adoration for The Avengers , and it's just IMPLIED that you're actually praising your favorite actor. But whatever — who are they to judge, anyway?

The best part about this shirt? It's not even that expensive — in fact, it's on the cheap side at $11. It's also available in a variety of sizes, so you can give the gift of Loki to pretty much everyone you know. But! It will exist only photographic memory after July 23, as it's simply a daily exclusive. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of DIY options for shirt-making. Unleash your inner domestic goddess and bust out the crafts! Make your own Hiddleston/Loki shirt!

Or just look at a photo of these young folks in their Loki shirts:

Look how happy they look. It must be all that Loki.

Image: Marvel/Tee Fury