Aretha Franklin Gave a Johnny Rockets Employee a Little Lesson on R-E-S-P-E-C-T

A Johnny Rockets’ employee made a big mistake (HUGE) by telling one of the world’s most highly-regarded, treasured singers that she wasn’t allowed to eat a hamburger that she had just ordered and paid for at a location of the fast food chain in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Why? Apparently, an employee told Respect singer Aretha Franklin that she couldn’t eat her hamburger at the restaurant purely because she had ordered take-out. Seriously.

Franklin said the employee was “very rude, unprofessional and nasty,” in a statement, according to New York Daily News. A spokesman said the franchise owner apologized for everything that went down. Apparently the employee was new to the restaurant, which makes sense — but that shouldn’t really have been used as an excuse for what happened to the singer.

After having worked in retail for several years as well as in the food industry, I have had this important piece of knowledge pretty much embedded into my brain: the customer is always right. Anyone who’s ever seen I Am Sam (or, you know, has common sense) would know that. Even if they’re wrong, they’re still right, because employees are paid to serve customers and to provide a good experience.

If someone (especially Franklin) gets takeout at a restaurant but changes their mind and decides to eat it there, they're still allowed to eat it there regardless. If they have to wait for a table to sit because the restaurant is busy, that's understandable, but they should eventually get a table, not asked to leave. Even if a large party gets a to-go order during lunch rush before deciding to not actually go anywhere, they should be seated.

After all, it’s not like Franklin walked through a drive-thru. (Even if she did, it's Aretha Franklin for crying out loud.)

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