The AG Contour 360 Ballet Video is Amazing

Is it just me or is the fashion world is obsessed with ballet these days? Ballet-themed ads seem like a dime a dozen lately, executed to varying levels of success. This past spring, Free People made a huge gaffe when they ran a ballet campaign starring...not a professional ballet dancer. But brands like AG Jeans — who filmed a gorgeous ballet video to promote AG Jeans Contour 360, a line of stretchy, jegging-esque pants — are proving that fashion and dance can be a wonderful match.

According to Racked, the dancers in the video are Laura Hand of the Joffery Ballet and Samantha Miller from Princeton. The two women dance beautiful choreography set to the song "House" by Kindness while wearing Contour 360 jeans. Those bad boys are really stretchy and don't seem to inhibit the dancers' movement at all, but they still look like jeans and not leggings. I call this a big win for anyone who wants to execute a quick fouette´ en tournant (or 32) while running errands or out on a date.

Dance and fashion have a long history of influencing one another, which will come as no surprise if you've ever seen or worn the costumes from a major dance production. Designing for dance can be a tricky business since the garments need to register all the way in the back of the theatre and inhibit movement has little as possible. It seems like AG has hit the nail on the head with the Contour 360.

These pantss aren't cheap — they'll run you $198 per pair — but they certainly look quality and they come in a decent range of washes, including black. Small price to pay for jeans you can dance in!

Image: Adriano Goldschmied