Jay Z & Beyonce Merchandise You Should Buy Now & Cherish Forever

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They say admission is the first step toward acceptance — so let’s all take that first step together (deep breath): Beyoncé and Jay Z are headed towards divorce according to reports. Yes, Jay-oncé is rumored to be having some trouble in paradise. (Beyon-Jay? Bey Z? Conspiracy theory: Beyoncé and Jay Z are having problems because we never gave them an adequate couple name. For all we know, that’s the tenuous thread holding Brangelina together).

But fret not. The supposed upcoming end of this holiest of matrimonies may mean that true love can't last forever, but stuff sure does. So now’s the time to stock up on some Beyoncé and Jay Z merchandise and cling to it for the rest of forever.

Click through to see what you can still buy before it's gone for good.

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