Jay Z & Beyonce Merchandise You Should Buy Now & Cherish Forever

They say admission is the first step toward acceptance — so let’s all take that first step together (deep breath): Beyoncé and Jay Z are headed towards divorce according to reports. Yes, Jay-oncé is rumored to be having some trouble in paradise. (Beyon-Jay? Bey Z? Conspiracy theory: Beyoncé and Jay Z are having problems because we never gave them an adequate couple name. For all we know, that’s the tenuous thread holding Brangelina together).

But fret not. The supposed upcoming end of this holiest of matrimonies may mean that true love can't last forever, but stuff sure does. So now’s the time to stock up on some Beyoncé and Jay Z merchandise and cling to it for the rest of forever.

Click through to see what you can still buy before it's gone for good.

Glossy 2014 Tour Tee on Black

Could Jay Z and Beyoncé’s separate tour t-shirts be warning of a split to come? Years from now, we can remember these tour dates as the last few months before “love” became a meaningless word to us.

Image: Beyoncé Online

Jay Z On the Run Tour Shirt

Like Beyoncé’s tour shirt, this one from Jay Z’s official store will represent everything that was.

Image: Jay Z Official Store

Mrs. Carter Show Tour Tee

Beyoncé's Mrs. Carter days might be over soon, but wearing this shirt will make that fact a little easier to ignore.

Image: Beyoncé Online

Surfboard Emoji Tee

Let this t-shirt’s reference to the Beyoncé-Jay Z collaboration, “Drunk in Love,” float you back to better times.

Image: Beyoncé Online

Cake by the Pound Sweatshirt

Beyoncé might not have been referring to literal cake, but cake by the pound sounds like a great way to eat our sorrows away.

Image: Etsy

Beyoncé & Jay Z Earrings

If we can’t have real life Beyoncé and Jay Z the next best thing… is probably not these earrings. But they’re something!

Image: Etsy

Beyoncé & Jay Z Rings

If Beyoncé and Jay Z do end up ditching their wedding rings, that will only make this Beyoncé/Jay Z ring set all the more significant. And they’ll go dynamite with your earrings.

Image: Etsy

Beyoncé & Jay Z Necklaces

Obviously no celebrity couple jewelry set is complete without a necklace. Pair these with your Beyoncé and Jay Z rings and earrings and broadcast to the world that you were waaaaay to invested in this relationship.

Image: Etsy

Beyoncé & Jay Z Decorative Pillow Covers

Considering everybody who sees these pillows will be asking, “Wait, who is that supposed to be?” these pillow covers will give you plenty of opportunities to talk about your favorite ex-couple.

Image: Etsy

Beyoncé & Jay Z Greeting Card

You can either send this card to someone similarly in denial about Beyoncé and Jay Z’s relationship issues or someone you want to cleverly break up with.

Image: Etsy

Beyoncé & Jay Z Poster

Just in case you looked at the Beyoncé/Jay Z greeting card and thought, “Hmmm… I like what they’re going for here, I just wish it was bigger!” Your wish is Etsy’s command with this poster.

Image: Etsy