Want Gosling's Glorious Face On Your Nails?

If you are like me, you are still (failing at) coming to terms with the fact that Ryan Gosling has a baby mama, making him officially off the market and unavail. You're also still wondering how his ex, Rachel McAdams, who dreads watching her audition for the The Notebook , which launched their romance, feels. But Eva Mendes, who should dress like this when she starts showing off that A-list baby bump, is carrying Gosling's spawn and she is a lucky gal, having nabbed the role of a lifetime right there. I'd totally trade in my figure in order to be a vessel for his offspring. So while Gosling put a baby in her, not in me or you, we can still put his face on our nails. Wait, what?

Yep, you can opt for a Ryan Gosling mani next time you get your nails did, with help from INNI. The custom nail wrap brand is proving that nail art is not dead, dying, or on life support; you needn't look any further than Zooey Deschanel's digits for evidence of nail art dominance. You can create a set of salon quality wraps with Gosling's mug for less than $10. They take five minutes to apply, too, so you don't even need to head to the local salon, either.

Do the math and realize it's economical.

You can page through thousands of pre-fab designs or you can create your own by using their imaging platform, which is super easy. If it's still too painful to keep Gosling that close to you, there are thousands of shapes, team logos, animal prints, runway designs, and more to chose from. But are they as fun or hawt as Gosling? Hell no!

Oh, hey there handsome! Look at that broody stare. I'd want to shake my finger or flip the bird at anyone who is driving too slow in traffic just to show off my Gosling mani.

INNI wraps last for two weeks and promise not to peel in water or due to heat exposure. They are made of durable, malleable vinyl that can be stretched over the nail surface and still offer a crease-free result, so you won't have to worry about giving Gosling any premature wrinkles. Don't worry; he'll get enough of those once Baby Mendes-Gosling arrives and sleep is at a premium.

But for now, let's gawk at that six pack. I would practice my finger wave or the "come here" gesture all day long. When the two weeks are up and you are over Gosling and ready to move on to, say, Leonardo DiCaprio or One Direction's Harry Styles for your digits, you can just peel of this wrap and be dunzo with him.

Nerd specs! I can't even...seriously. Each nail is better than the next.

The R. Gosling mani gives new meaning to unconventional nail art. I'm all for rocking a different color on every digit for a rainbow mani, but this, this is the true definition of nail art, simply because that face is a work of art.

Images: INNI