Kate Walsh's Disneyland Boob Grab Picture Is Just Delightful — PHOTO

Perhaps already getting into her upcoming role as a recklessly wild judge on NBC's Bad Judge (or perhaps just being her badass, awesome, hilarious self), former Grey's Anatomy star Kate Walsh took the best Disneyland Splash Mountain photo with a friend when she visited the park this past weekend: Which is to say, they perfectly timed Walsh making a grab for her friend's boobs at the very moment that the camera photographed their log flume going down the ride's biggest dip. Even better, Walsh's expression is totally one of victory in the pic, which I hope they actually bought copies of. I mean, if there was ever a time to actually get a copy of a Splash Mountain photo, it's when you and your friend pull off a perfectly timed boob grab, right?

Of the picture (which of course TMZ promptly published) Walsh commented on her Twitter: "We thought this was funny..." Then, in response to a fan pointing out that it looked like the man behind her was grabbing her breasts as well, Walsh added, "Yeah, that's my bf." It's like a train of boob grabs!

You can check out the photos of Walsh's epic Kodak moment below, as well as her tweets. And, of course, Bad Judge will premiere on NBC on October 2, 2014.