5 Tear-Jerking Videos About Friendship, Because You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings

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There are two people you tend to go to when you need a good cry: Whichever one of your parents is more of a softie, and your best friend. After all, how many tears did you once shed with your middle school bestie over boys, girls, or Dashboard Confessional? (And now that you're an adult, how many times have you gotten choked up talking to your best friend about boys, girls, or the fact that you once liked Dashboard Confessional? Happy tears and sad tears, frustrated tears, and tears of relief — they're all more readily available when you're opening up to the person who knows you the best.

For me, watching videos about that kind of friendship takes me to the close the office door, my face is about to be irreparable for the next 30 minutes-place faster than you can say God, I hope I'm getting my period. So, go on, get it out of your system before you call your bestie to tell him/her how much they mean to you on this International Friendship Day. Because you will cry. The videos below are some of the sweetest, most touching, tear-jerking videos about friendship out there.

Don't say we didn't warn you.

The Technology Assist

Skype on YouTube

If you can make it to the point where Sarah and Paige meet in person for the first time without welling up, then you are a stronger person than I. And if you make it after that point, then schedule a doctor's appointment, because your tear ducts are broken. I don't care if this is a commercial promoting a product, it's a product that brought two girls with physical impairments together at a time when they most needed the support of friendship, and built a relationship that they promise will last a lifetime. Aaaaand, it has begun.


tacofan1994 on YouTube

Oh boy... Beaches. I know, I'm sorry, I shouldn't do this to you! There are only two ways you won't cry while watching this iconic scene from the ultimate movie about female friendship: Either you've never seen Beaches before, or you're laughing because you're imagining calling your best friend right now and singing "Wind Beneath My Wings" at the top of your lungs. Remember to cherish every second you get with your BFF, because even if she is so jealous she can hardly breathe sometimes, you've probably felt the exact same way before.

Stand By Me

Tori Seki on YouTube

In the opposite vein of Beaches is another great friendship movie, Stand By Me, about a group of boys who burn bright in their youth. They eventually lose touch, but they're there for each other in the most transitional summer of their lives. Everyone deserves a friend like Chris Chambers. If you have any emotional energy left, might I also recommend Chris cries to Gordy.

Christian the Lion

SPFW21 on YouTube

It's a classic story: Men meet lion cub; men return lion cub to the wild; men find grown lion a year later even though they're told he won't remember them; lion momentarily seems like he will eat men; lion just wants to play because he remembers men and they're best friends for life. Everyone should have an annual viewing of Christian the Lion. Make this yours.

The One with the Friends

TrainToAlaska on YouTube

The hardest part about friendship is that often, the best ones have to work long distance. When Rachel made her break from the pack on Friends, no one thought those friendships would be ending — they had lasted 10 seasons, after all — but the goodbyes sure were sad. For some reason, it's Chandler that gets me the most.

The Symbiotic Relationship


"Carry On" is a story of two Cleveland high school wrestlers living in poverty captured by SportsCenter: One is legally blind, and the other is living without legs. They help each other out: "The one with no legs, [is carried] by the one who could not see." As if that weren't enough, it's also the story of a new friend, the ESPN producer who couldn't leave the pair to fend for themselves after telling their story the world. This one is last because it's a little bit of a time commitment, but it is so, so worth it. (Hint: It ends at the 2012 London Paralympic Games.)

So, go out there and tell your best friends how much they mean to you! And try to keep it together, won't you? You're a mess.