Do Women Prefer Oral Sex to Penetration? Hundreds of Gay and Straight Women Tell It Like It Is

There are lots of unanswered questions related to sex, and now vlogger Arielle Scarcella has taken it upon herself to tackle an issue that may have had you wondering: Are lesbians more into oral sex than straight women? And if so, why? On the surface, this seems like a pretty intuitive fact that your sexual orientation may inform your preferences in this area, but as Scarcella points out in the video, straight vaginas and lesbian vaginas aren't inherently different, so actually, wouldn't you expect both groups to get off on the same types of sex? So...what gives?

Of course, it doesn't appear that anyone's actually done scientific research on the different types of sex women enjoy based on sexual orientation. But Scarcella, herself a lesbian with a popular YouTube channel, did get some data of her own on the subject; she asked 1,000 of her female subscribers — 500 straight and 500 gay — whether they preferred oral or penetrative sex. Among straight women, 55 percent preferred penetrative sex, while among lesbians just 25 percent could say the same.

As part of her ongoing "Explain" series, she let some straight girls theorize about why exactly this might be, and the result is a nuanced discussion about how women feel about their bodies, sex, and their partners. But best of all, the women in the video are not focused on whether or not their male sexual partners are into oral, instead talking about how they feel about different types of sex.

So what are some possible reason for this major gap between straight women and lesbians? Well, here's what these ladies have to say.

Arielle Scarcella on YouTube

Image: Ariella Scarcella/YouTube