There's A New Awards Show... For Dogs

In news that will probably surprise absolutely no one — thanks, super ridiculous world — The CW Network is set to air a brand new two-hour television event, The World Dog Awards. That's right, come January 2015, we can all sit down with our furry best friends — send your silly cats to bed early — and watch as human beings walk their dogs down the green carpet and then give them awards. (Honestly, all of the awards better be edible because, otherwise, what's the point even?).

Now you might be thinking, "What freakin' dogs are going to be nominated now that Uggie (you know, the adorable leading dog from The Artist) is out of the running?" However, The CW, along with Juma Entertainment, believe they have enough potential nominees to warrant an entire award show. The event, which will be held at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, Calif. — ugh, we hope they didn't pick that punny venue on purpose — will honor various dogs' work in "entertainment, health services, and the military, along with everyday dogs who found fame on the internet." And because The World Dog Awards ain't about exclusivity, "dogs of every size and breed" will be invited to the aww-worthy pooch soirée.

So what will the awards even be? According to The CW, two of the categories are "Best Actor in a Supporting Role to a Dog" — we're pretty sure that's an award for a human — and "Outstanding Achievement in the Field," which honors dogs "that have risked their lives for their humans, shown amazing compassion for other animals, or dedicated their lives to service for those with health issues." Okay, that's adorable.

Unfortunately for us, those are the only categories that have been revealed thus far, which just means that now's the perfect time to sway the minds over at The CW and whisper these three fetching suggestions into their ears.

Possible categories for The World Dog Awards:

Best Human and Dog Reuniting Video

Come on, you know you secretly love to watch videos of dog's reuniting with their owners. Throw in someone from the military, and you best believe you'll need a tissue.

Best Dog-Inspired Movie Title

Twitter recently went ham for the #DogMovies hashtag, and what resulted was an endless supply of dog-centric movie titles.

Best Adaptation of a Dog-Inspired Screenplay

We totally think Fang from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone did an applause-worthy job.

Hey, stranger things could happen.

Image: pottergifs/Tumblr