Plus-Size Pole Dancer LuAyne Brown Is Proof That Sexy Comes In All Shapes and Sizes

Ladies and gentlemen, meet your new body positivity superhero: LuAyne Brown, one of the sexiest pole dancers you’ll ever see. She’s also plus-size, but who gives a damn about that when she’s capable of rocking a pole and a pair of heels this hard?

Brown, who goes by Lulu, says in the video below that she first got into pole dancing in 2006. A former cheerleader, she had been dancing her whole life before taking a long-term break; when a studio opened up near her home offering an introductory class, though, she decided to give it a shot — and she ended up totally loving it. According to Brown, she gets a lot of encouragement from other pole dancers. Outside of the pole dancing world, though, is a whole different ball game. That hasn’t stopped her from competing, though, and once she started posting videos of her dancing online, she’s amassed a whole army of followers. And with good reason — both her dancing chops and her body positivity are worthy of all the applause in the world.

I’m a little troubled by how the media is covering Brown’s awesome story — the video seen below is being passed around with a blurb in the description titled "World’s Heaviest Pole Dancer Is Twice The Size Of Other Women But Hasn't Let That Stop Her Competing In Pole Dancing Competitions”; Outlets like Metro and the New York Daily News are taking similar angles. The language used suggests that Brown is somehow an outrageous oddity, saying that a plus-size woman shouldn’t be capable of being this sexy. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, though — which is all part of Brown’s message of body acceptance in the first place. Sexy comes in all shapes, and it’s far more than just a dress size or the number on a scale.

Take a look at her in action below. LuAyne “Lulu” Brown, we salute you for being totally amazing in every way!

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Image: Caters News/YouTube