Iggy Azalea's 'Fast & Furious' Now

Honestly, I'm not even surprised that Iggy Azalea has been cast in Fast & Furious 7 . The series of films has already featured a whole bunch of other rappers/singers (Rita Ora, most recently, appeared in Fast & Furious 6 , for instance) and the natural next step in Azalea's career after nabbing the coveted "song of the summer" honor with "Fancy" is trying her hand at acting...it makes sense. And while I'm sure she won't suck — I'm rooting for her to succeed, really! — this is also a good start: It likely won't be a huge role, so if she is terrible, it'll be easy to ignore. Win/win.

The news was confirmed by Vin Diesel in a recent interview with French-language site SkyrockFM. "Well, Iggy Azalea...I just worked with her two weeks ago. I guess you'll be the first person that knows this — we [cast] her in Fast & Furious 7. She has a cameo in Fast & Furious 7." It was also teased by series star Michelle Rodriguez in a Twitter post earlier this month, which included a picture of the actress with the "Fancy" singer saying, "Azealia nice workin with you, love to see you in concert. Respect yesterday's set was so hot in the desert, You Rock."

No word on what exactly Azalea's role will be, but it's likely that news will be out soon as well. Anyway, now I have to ask: I can't be the only person who immediately thought of the lines from "Fancy," "I'm in the fast lane/ From L.A. to Tokyo" and made a lame joke referencing this casting news...right?