Shark Week 2013 Made Us Laugh, Cry, and Question Tara Reid's Lucidity

Oh Shark Week, despite the trials of the past few days, we have been through so much together. We wandered the deep sea looking for alien sharks, searched for the megalodon, went swimming with some bull sharks in the bayou, and watched countless people lose their arms and legs for the cause. We admitted that Shark Week is perfect for stoners, wondered about Discovery's choice of shark coverage, learned a lot about whale sharks and Tara Reid, and got Shark Week shwasted with an updated Shark Week drinking game. It's been a wild ride, but as this epic week of marine programming ends, it's time to take a critical look at the last week.

Firstly, it's become increasingly clear that Discovery's attempt to raise ratings by incorporating a human element and upping the intrigue factor did not work. Well, it worked technically speaking (their ratings have never been better), but I, for one, did not appreciate it. Less Here Comes Honey Boo Boo antics next time, more sharks.

Secondly, next year, let's hope to see more of this year's diverse shark coverage. Part of the reason that Shark Week had to root about for content this year is because of a decades-long dedication to Great Whites and very little else. Well, after a little taste of alien sharks, hammerheads, and nurse sharks, I can safely say that as awesome as Great White chomp shots are, mixing it up is, and will be, in might be in Discovery Channel's best interests.

However, there were some really awesome moments. Listening to Louisiana accents in Voodoo Sharks was a novelty, and also, did I mention Paul Walker was hot when he came along to look for sharks? He was. Paul Walker. Sharks. Hot. I think I could have done with less coverage of the I Survived Jaws variety, but then again, that is a mainstay of Shark Week, and you soulless vultures who thrive on images of other people's nasty-ass maiming love it, so ... I guess that's a personal preference versus a necessity.

Lastly, let me say that Shark Week, it's been great. We lived, we loved, we laughed, and at the end of this beautiful journey, I know even more about sharks than I did last year. Bravo.

Image: frantisek hojdysz/Fotolia