President Warren G. Harding's Dirty Letters Live-Read By Warren G Is Cringeworthy & Amazing — VIDEO

First things first: If you missed John Oliver reading former President Warren G. Harding's sexy love letters to his mistress on his HBO series Last Week Tonight, immediately go here and watch that clip right now. Not only does Oliver's posh English accent give the letters some odd new dimensions (very weirdly), but it'll give you some basis to fully appreciate this clip, which comes from last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live!: Host Jimmy Kimmel invited rapper and regulator Warren G to read Warren G. Harding's love letters on the late night talk show last night, and, predictably, the results were amazing for history buffs and those who fell asleep in history class alike. Who knew old Presidents were so freaky back in the day?

I really hope that this reading gives way to even more Warren G x Warren G. Harding crossovers. He could rap the letters! Write a hip-hopera musical! Make it into a movie! The possibilities really are endless, and just waiting to be taken advantage of.

Anyway, for now, you can check out the clip of Warren G's riveting live-read of horndog President Warren G. Harding's letters below. His new official title's gotta be horndog President, right?


Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube