Who Will 'Frozen's Elsa Meet on 'Once Upon A Time'? Here Are 4 Possible Disney Crossovers

If you watched the Season 3 finale of Once Upon a Time, then you're already freaking out over the promise of Frozen characters coming to Storybrooke. It's certainly exciting news — after all, who wouldn't want to see a real-life Elsa and Anna? But though Frozen 's arc on Once Upon a Time will certainly be a great way to kick off the fourth season of ABC's fantasy drama, it looks like our beloved Frozen characters won't be sticking around for the entire season. According to Entertainment Weekly's interview with OUAT showrunners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, the Frozen characters will have a close-ended arc within the OUAT universe.

We may get to meet Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and more, but they most likely won't be sticking around for all of Season 4. Though it's a little disappointing to know that the Frozen characters won't become regular faces on the show (like Captain Hook or Belle, for example) it's not all bad news. The limited story will allow Once Upon a Time to introduce us to a slew of new fairytale characters, and while it may seem like OUAT has used nearly all of the fairytale characters in existence, there are a few characters we haven't met yet. Here are some characters we may get to meet in Season 4 of Once Upon a Time.


We were introduced to the world of Agrabah on Once Upon a Time In Wonderland but never met Aladdin himself. Once the Frozen arc is over, perhaps Storybrooke will be visited by a character from a climate that's a bit warmer.

Princess Tiana

Tiana isn't from a kingdom far, far away — she's from New Orleans. Perhaps Tiana lives in a seemingly "normal" place that is secretly run over by magic, just like Storybrooke. It would be interesting to see the Storybrooke residents head to a different town that is so similar to their own. Plus, no one has to jump through a portal to get there.


Hercules is everywhere lately, and Once Upon a Time may want to jump on the Hercules bandwagon before we get sick of this strong mythological figure. It would be interesting to see how Once Upon a Time incorporates Greek mythology into its existing framework. While we may see Hercules, we may not see the Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Cruella de Vil

No, she's not a magical character, but this 101 Dalmatians character still falls under the Disney brand. She wouldn't be the first 101 Dalmatians character to appear on OUAT — Archie's dog, Pongo, shares a name with the lead dog from the film. It wouldn't be OUAT if magic wasn't incorporated in someway. Cruella could be re-imagined as a witch looking to steal Pongo for a magic spell.

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