'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Is Heading Back to College — Wait, She Was in College?

This was so, so close to actually being good news about Teen Mom Jenelle Evans, but alas, it is not. It starts good, Jenelle tweeted about enrolling in college classes. Good for Jenelle, going back to school after we saw her drop out during the last season of Teen Mom 2. Now she won't be sitting around with Kieffah, smoking weed, listening to Ke$ha and storming out of conversations. She will be taking classes at non-profit technical school Miller Motte, which offers career-specific classes. Still sounds good, right? Jenelle's learning a life skill besides building bongs out of household objects.

But just what skills will those be? Well, based on past tweets and a surgeon mask Emoji, it looks Jenelle will continue her studies to become a surgical technician.

Please, Jenelle, please, pick something else. Why not follow in Chelsea Houska's footsteps and go to cosmetology school? You change your hair a lot, it could be fun. Why do you have to do something that puts you right at the forefront of someone else's health?

Attention, any residents of North Carolina, if you are having an operation sometime next year, be careful. Find out who will be there, and if you see/hear Jenelle, run. I don't care if it's your leg that's being operated on, get up, and run to a different hospital. You'll be much better off.

I wish Jenelle luck, though, honestly. That girl needs to make some serious changes in her life and I'd be thrilled if this were the beginning of her path to a sober, productive life.