Facebook Is Down, And Everybody's Twitter Reactions Are Priceless

Something unimaginable happened on Friday around noon: Facebook went down. But ... but ... what are we going to do now? Finish this presentation? Start this research paper? Is this real life? As you can surmise, people are losing their minds. Without our main source of endless distraction, we're forced to consider getting actual work done, and that's a terrifying notion. In fact, I'm itching to check some status updates as I type this. Have mercy — it's Friday! I need to know what people's weekend plans are!

The hashtag #Facebookdown is currently trending, and it accurately reflects the panic among the masses. But as if losing our go-to tool for exercising the art of time suckage wasn't enough, when Facebook goes down, so does its affiliated social media platforms. Yes, I'm talking about Instagram. Take a deep breath — that shot of your summer peach and kale salad you're eating for lunch can wait! You don't need to know where Rihanna is yachting right this minute. You can make it through this.

As we endure the "Sorry, something went wrong" storm, let's band together and stay strong. Just remember: This too shall pass. And clearly, you're not the only one internally screaming.

People are panicking about Instagram too:

Even God chimed in:

And Zach Braff:

But Refinery29 reminds us where our priorities should be: