'Big Brother' Has Caleb Chained To Victoria, But These 6 Things Would Be Way More Fitting

Somewhere, Big Brother's most recent evictee Amber is smiling knowing she doesn't have to endure this week's Battle of the Block penance: being chained to the creepy Caleb. While Caleb is now safe this week and managed to get himself off the block, he's still being punished by being attached to his fellow nominee Victoria, all while wearing skimpy Adam and Eve-inspired garb.

Wait, let's rewind that for a second, she is the one being punished here. Because while Victoria is nothing more than a pawn in the Big Brother 16 house and a downright terrible game player (with the exception of this week, where she and Caleb excelled at a challenge based on children's games), it's hard to think of anything worse than being stuck next to a guy who chooses to call himself a "Beast Mode Cowboy" and spent the first half of this season harassing another player into dating him.

While Caleb sees being stuck to self-declared princess Victoria as punishment, we think that the guy deserves something more severe. This is, after all, the same guy who has put a damper on this season with his disturbing behavior and seriously misguided thoughts on being some sort of romantic hero.

Here's some other things we wish Caleb — who also had to shave his head this week — had been chained to as punishment:

1. Pickles! All kinds of 'em, in fact.

2. A feminist. Oh, Joey, we really could have used you this week.

3. Any one of Amber's friends or family members. We have a feeling they'd have some serious words for Caleb.

4. Any one of Mariah's friends or family members. We have a feeling they'd have some serious words for Caleb.


6. Another actual beast mode cowboy. Whatever the hell that is. Two beast mode cowboy enter, one beast mode cowboy leave.

Image: CBS