John Oliver Slams Native Advertising With a Brilliant Food Metaphor — VIDEO

Most people who read anything on the Internet have an opinion on native advertising, whether they know they do or not. Usually it's along the lines of, "Ugh, I thought I was clicking on an article about why I scientifically need to change my razor more frequently but it's a SECRET AD!" Some people may not exactly know what that ad-slash-article is — other than moderately confusing — so leave it to John Oliver to not only explain native advertising, but to also rip it to shreds in his epic take down of sponsored content.

Oliver compares the combination of advertising and editorial content to the combination of Twizzlers and guacamole — great separately, but gross when mixed together. He feels total disgust toward sponsored content, especially since it's become so prevalent in digital journalism, which therefore assumes that the average digital consumer will digest advertorial content as a piece of journalism.

Economically, the model obviously works — look no further than Buzzfeed's branded content — and while it also gives writers in search of creative work job opportunities, there are more than a few arguments that Oliver poses against this advertorial model.

For now, since there's no immediate solution: Oliver poses interjecting an ad with some news content. Diet Coke will never taste the same again.

You can watch it all below, but be sure to watch the whole thing. Not only is it an awesome take down of something we encounter everyday, but Oliver sings Katy Perry at one point. That's very important.

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