'Glee' Headed for the Stage

Although the show has lost one of its biggest stars this year, Glee is on the upswing. Fox ordered two more seasons of the show, and during the company's first Investor Day, Fox co-head Gary Newman said the show's future would include a live stage show.

“We launched a live stage business with a sold-out arena concert tour in 2011, and now a live stage musical is in the works,” Newman said.

"When you identify the right creator and support a big, creative vision, you get a show like Glee, which is exactly the kind of property that our studio excels at exploiting.”

"Exploiting" may be a gross, executive-y word to use, but Newman's right. Glee may not have the biggest ratings in primetime, but it has unique opportunities to market itself and make a profit through things like live stage shows and iTunes sales. And a stage musical would be a good fit for the show — after all, the entire concept for Glee is based on live musical performances. Glee is just the latest incarnation in a long line of musicals, so it makes sense that the show would make the jump back to Broadway. Like they say, you can make a show out of a musical, but you can't take the musical out of the show.