Man Bites Off Guy's Fingertip At Beyonce Concert During Fight That Started with Groping — REPORT

Sometimes, Beyoncé concerts can get dangerous, and I'm not just talking about how dangerously fierce they can be; I'm talking seriously, physically perilous. According to CBS L.A., a man's finger was bitten off at a Beyoncé and Jay Z concert at The Rose Bowl Stadium. Apparently, the On The Run tour is having some drama outside of the alleged Bey-Jay conflict.

The Pasadena News reports that 25-year-old San Diego native Roberto Alcaraz Garnica groped a woman at the concert, which is never okay, and the woman's boyfriend got into what the police describe as a "physical altercation" with Garnica. Garnica then allegedly bit off a chunk of the boyfriend's finger. OUCH. Pasadena News adds that he was arrested on account of "suspicion of sexual battery and mayhem, legally defined as disabling or disfiguring a part of a victim’s body, according to police and Los Angeles County booking record."

We don't know yet how the victim is faring, but one thing is clear: so much of this is messed up — the groping, the biting, all of it. It's not acceptable to blame this on drunkenness, either, if that's the case — and it appears that many people were incredibly drunk, since Billboard reports that eight other people at the concert were arrested for public drunkenness.

You can't be so drunk in love at a Beyoncé concert that you commit unlawful and inappropriate acts of violence. No excuses.