John Green Is In The Hospital But Never Fear, He'll Be Okay. Okay?

Life must be pretty weird for John Green these days. He's been famous for years thanks to the Vlogbrothers and that whole bestselling award-winning author thing, but The Fault In Our Stars movie launched him into another sphere. Which is why John Green might not be used to articles making note of the fact that John Green's in the hospital right now. But the people want to know these things, John!

Details are scarce — and will probably remain so, given that Green does like to keep some things about his life private — but Green Instagrammed a pic of himself lying in a hospital bed Tuesday as a means of explaining to followers why his scheduled Vlogbrothers video would not be going forward as planned:

No vlogbrothers video today (sorry!) because I am quite sick and in the hospital. But I'm on the mend and should be better in time for a video next Tuesday.

His stay in the hospital doesn't seem so dire given that he insists he's "on the mend," so that's nice. We wish him and his family all the health and happiness, and hope that this little foray into hospitaldom wasn't too inconvenient, painful, or any of the other unpleasant options. Mend quickly, John!

Images: johngreenwritesbooks/Instagram