Azealia Banks' "Heavy Metal and Reflective" Video Doesn't Really Say Much — VIDEO

Only a few weeks after Azealia Banks' glee-filled farewell to her record label, the feisty rapper made good on her plans to finally live out her indie dreams by releasing the video to "Heavy Metal and Reflective," her first single since leaving Universal. Viewing the video in full only confirms what was implied by the snippet Banks recently shared — that her confidence is unwavering and that this visual offering is basically one huge "eff you" to the music industry and her doubters, and that's not just because there's a scene in which Banks flips off the camera.The video falls short on metal, but there's plenty of reflection of a symbolic nature. In the first scene featuring Banks, she's retrieved from the bed of a pickup truck and thrown over the shoulder of an unidentified guy who places her in a chair in the middle of the desert, presumably leaving her to roast. Even though her head is covered and she's bound by rope, she still manages to talk some shit as these words flash across the screen: "You silly motherfucker. Don't you know I'm the best bitch in the rap game? You'll never get away with this."Since Banks has never been one to employ subtlety to make a point, there's nothing surprising about that portion of the video. Unfortunately from that point on, the predictability continues. The fact that Banks hasn't missed a beat in the midst of her recent career changes proves that she has what it takes to sustain herself without major label support. But this video seems to be missing something. I honestly expected it to be more explosive, but instead it does a lot of telling and not much showing.

It's not completely underwhelming but for someone who's so outspoken, the visual interpretation doesn't really say much.

Check out the video for "Heavy Metal and Reflective" below:

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