Peter Dinklage With A Mullet & Laser Cannon Is Slaying the Internet — PHOTO

It's pretty much known by now that if you sport a fetching mullet, then the Internet is going to talk about you. It's just a fact of life. And that's exactly why new pictures of Peter Dinklage on the set of Chris Colombus' film Pixels have taken the Web by storm. Because, honestly, who doesn't want to chuckle at yet another awesome photo of the Game of Thrones star with an '80s-inspired mullet? (I guess he didn't learn his lesson from his high-school yearbook photo.)

However, there's so much more to talk about in the photo that BuzzFeed tweeted out. In the picture, Dinklage doesn't just have any old mullet, he has an ombré-stylized mullet with luscious curls. Better yet, he's wearing a somewhat Ghostbusters-inspired getup and holding a laser cannon (which makes sense since, according to TheWrap, the film follows "a group of video-game experts who are recruited by the government" to help deal with the threat of classic 1980s video-game characters who are attacking New York City). Add that all together and you've got one of the best Dinklage photos ever created. And what do you do with photos that are too good to ignore? You Photoshop them and talk about them on every social media platform available (whether you're a fan or not).

Take a look at a few of the best reactions on Twitter to Dinklage's new prof-pic worthy photo:

And here's one more look at the glorious mullet: