Cover of Radiohead's "Creep" By Post Modern Jukebox Is Guhhh, So Gooood — VIDEO

Oh my God. Just when I thought I had emoted enough today, this came along. This beautiful vintage soul cover of Radiohead's "Creep" by Post Modern Jukebox featuring Karen Marie's gorgeous voice will give you chills, tears, and pretty much all of the feels. Go for it. Listen to it. Cry. Emote. Then cry again. Then feel something again. Then listen to the song again. Repeat. It's an emotional day, y'all.

While the classic Radiohead song may not immediately strike you as suitable for a soul cover, it is. Soul is about expressing anguish and if "Creep" isn't swimming in anguish with its gut-wrenching, lonely lyrics, then please, as the Backstreet Boys so poetically put it, "show me the meaning of being lonely." Plus, the song gets a dynamite treatment when the lyrics are belted by a powerful female voice — it sort of reminds me of Carrie Manolakos's beautiful cover of the song that made emotional waves on the Internet back in 2012. Bottom line: Ladies can feel like "creeps," too. We all feel like we don't belong somewhere, sometimes.

My emotions will be running amok as I listen to this on repeat all day.