'House of Cards' Frank Underwood & 'Veep's Selina Meyer Body Swap on Brilliant 'EW' Cover — PHOTOS

On television, there are two very different people who had notorious reigns as the Vice President of the United States. And next seasons, both are about to assume the title of President of The United States, and no one is quite sure how successful either will be. I'm talking bout Selina Meyer of Veep and Frank Underwood from House of Cards. Even though these two may operate in parallel universes in different versions of Washington D.C., the two are now meeting — well, sort of. Entertainment Weekly's new covers feature Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Frank Underwood and Kevin Spacey as Selina Meyer. A television presidential switch! Invasion of the POTUS Body Snatchers! But like, in a really good way.

Because even though these two characters are really different, they have one major thing in common — aside from their political position, that is. They are a part of EW's special issue that features the magazine's list of the 25 Best Characters on Television Right Now. Surely you can agree that Selina and Frank have some of the best dialogue on TV — Selina is the queen of the put-down, and Frank Underwood has made an art of breaking the fourth wall.

Plus, these Freaky Friday-esque covers are quite fun. Spacey sure knows how to work a wig and a red power suit, and JLD looks pretty damn comfortable in that huge seat. So... any hopes for a Veep of Cards mashup? If only these two could butt heads. If only.