Socks Over Sandals and Other Men's Fashion Don'ts You've Never Thought of Before From The Bold Italic


You're probably familiar with typical fashion don'ts for men, like "don't wear socks with sandals." But what about socks over sandals? Bet you never heard that one before. Thanks to writer Jessica Saia and photographer Isla Bell Murray at The Bold Italic, we now have "The Do's, The Don'ts, and The Oh God Please Don'ts of Men's Fashion," a set of images showcasing the best, worst, and absolute worst looks for men. It was first published in September 2013, but her advice is timeless. Even in August of 2014, I still don't want to see a dude sporting "a V so deep it shows [his] pubes."

Saia's concept is a simple one, summed up by the opening paragraph of the article:

And her style advice is genius. Some valuable take-aways? A classic button down shirt is awesome, but a cropped button down shirt sends you straight to fashion jail. A too-small watch is bad, but a clock attached to your wrist via shoelace is sooo much worse. And then there are the socks-over-sandals...

Even your grandfather can't pull that off. It does look warm though... See the rest over at The Bold Italic.

Image: The Bold Italic