'Full House's DJ Tanner & Kimmy Gilbler's Kids Watch the Show, We Now Feel So Old — VIDEO

You know that Candace Cameron Bure loves talking about how she's a super Christian mom and wife (that's why she dressed so modestly on Dancing with The Stars ) , but to me — no matter how much she advertises her Super Wife persona — she'll always be D.J. Tanner. Fortunately, she hasn't eschewed her Full House alter-ego that much, since she lets her kids watch Full House. (Don't be too surprised. It's pretty freaking wholesome. It practically scintillates it's so squeaky clean.) So... what do her kids think about it? Bure and Andrea Barber (the quirky Kimmy Gibler) sat down with Us Weekly to discuss what their kids think about Full House.

Spoiler alert: their kids like Full House. But how could they not?

But the real gem to behold in this video is the fact that this is a DJ-Kimmy reunion. Apparently, these two TV BFFs are actually still pals (or so they're letting us believe for our own enjoyment). Also, breathe in and realize that these ladies are totally committed to motherhood. Bure has three children with her husband Valeri Bure, and Barber has two kids with her husband Jeremy Rytky. They have their own full houses (awful pun heavily intended).

From instilling a desire to crack filthy jokes (lookin' at you, Bob Saget) to taking over the fashion world (hello Olsen twins) to driving home the desire to become a total family person, it seems like Full House had pretty varying effects on its cast members.

DJ + Kimmy = Best Television Friends Forever, especially since DJ and Kimmy's kids like the show. That's just proof of Full House's staying power. Watch the video on Us Weekly!