10 Things You Must Do Before Summer Is Over Because Winter Is Closer Than You Think

You should probably sit down for what I’m about to say — summer is almost over. Yes, it’s true. The sun is already setting a little earlier each night, the days are getting slightly cooler and your beach days are numbered. If you’re anything like me, this news comes as a particularly devastating blow because, with just weeks to go before fall settles in, your summer bucket list is still sitting there sad and neglected, having barely been touched.

But wait — don't cry! There's still time to get in a few final kicks before these warm weather days are gone for good. For those of you who have put off your summer fun until the very last minute, here’s a checklist of activities you can still easily squeeze in over the next few weeks, whether it's cooking yummy s'mores over a makeshift campfire or simply catching a movie at the park.

Take A Beach Day

Use one of your precious vacation days (you have them for a reason!) and take a random weekday off solely to relax in the sun. A day by the water isn’t just fun – it can clear your mind and help you think straight. And don’t forget to bring a book along to help you unwind! One of these great summery reads ought to do the trick.

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See A Movie In A Park

Outdoor movies are perfect because they’re like a hybrid of going out and having a picnic and staying in and watching TV. Plus, they’re usually free.

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Get Some Ice Cream, Simple As That

These hot summer evenings are numbered — get your butt down to the best frozen dessert place in town and treat yourself. Swing by one of these 10 innovative ice cream shops if you can!

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Get A Drink At A Rooftop Bar

Take advantage of a clear summer night and head up to a rooftop bar. There’s no better way to toast to the end of summer than with a few seasonal cocktails and one spectacular view.

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Spend A Morning At A Farmers Market

Nothing beats fresh produce. Head to your local farmers market one Sunday morning and stock up on all the fruits and veggies summer has to offer before it’s too late. Preserve those fresh ingredients now, and you’ll be enjoying tiny tastes of summer well into winter.

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Hit Up A County Fair

I haven’t been to a county fair in years, but I can already smell the fried Oreos. Don’t leave without trying at least one of these crazy fair foods (it’s amazing what can be fried up and served on a stick) – just make sure you hit up the Tilt-a-Whirl before you indulge in all those glorious, glorious treats.

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Devour A Lobster Roll

Summer is the prime time to get your hands on a lobster roll. And in case your mouth isn’t already watering, here are 19 other seafood recipes to try before the summer is over.

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Start Up A Campfire And Break Out The S'mores

Even if you can’t get a fire going, you can still whip up some s’mores (or some s’mores-inspired recipes) over your oven or grill for a delicious experience that will instantly take you back to when you were just a care-free kid living it up at summer camp.

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Hang Out With Friends And Sangria

Have a relaxing night at home with some friends, board games, and these simple sangria recipes from A Beautiful Mess. And if those don’t hit the spot, one of these other summer-friendly cocktails definitely will.

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Check Out New York City's Smorgasburg

If you live in New York City, get to Smorgasburg immediately. The Brooklyn food market serves up an amazing collection of some of the tastiest dishes you can get your hands on in the city, ranging in creativity from nachos to ramen burgers. Both the Saturday and Sunday locations are right on the water too, meaning you get a pretty sweet view with that amazing lobster roll you’re about to destroy.

Image: Smorgasburg