10 Things You Must Do Before Summer Is Over Because Winter Is Closer Than You Think

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You should probably sit down for what I’m about to say — summer is almost over. Yes, it’s true. The sun is already setting a little earlier each night, the days are getting slightly cooler and your beach days are numbered. If you’re anything like me, this news comes as a particularly devastating blow because, with just weeks to go before fall settles in, your summer bucket list is still sitting there sad and neglected, having barely been touched.

But wait — don't cry! There's still time to get in a few final kicks before these warm weather days are gone for good. For those of you who have put off your summer fun until the very last minute, here’s a checklist of activities you can still easily squeeze in over the next few weeks, whether it's cooking yummy s'mores over a makeshift campfire or simply catching a movie at the park.

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