'Houdini' Trailer Showcases Oscar-Winning Adrien Brody in the Titular Role — VIDEO


Sexy magicians are such a wonderful pastime of cinema. The latest to join this tradition is Adrien Brody, who's playing Harry Houdini as he was always meant to be: Greased up, damn near nekkid, and being tied to a bed while being straddled by a lady. Oh, also as historically significant.

Houdini, which airs on the History channel Sept 1 in two parts and at four hours total, wields the tagline "Iron will made him famous. Genius made him legendary." It will also include Houdini interacting with other famous people of his bygone era, including Sherlock Holmes author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and, uh, Rasputin. From the official synopsis:

Houdini also stars Cabin In the Woods and House of Cards star Kristen Connolly as Houdini's stage assistant and eventual wife Bess.


Image: Lionsgate