Peyton Manning & Eli Manning Show Off Rap Skills in Hilarious Music Video – VIDEO

The end of summer means an awful lot of things: Back to school sales! Too many people out on the beach! Drinking copious amounts of rosé wine to bid adieu to warm weather! But the end of the summer also means the impending dawn of football season. So what better way to celebrate that than with a new rap video from Eli Manning and Peyton Manning called "Fantasy Football Fantasy?" Yes, it's awkward, but these two quarterbacks know that they ain't HOVA nor Yeezus. They're just two QBs rapping about a fantasy football channel and eating nachos and subs, as people do when they dream about football.

This is not the brothers' first foray into music videos: Last summer, they brought the world "Football on Your Phone," so consider these two football rapping vets. Maybe they'll hang up their cleats and go on tour. Why get sacked to high hell when you can perform from the safety of a stage? Something to consider, Manning bros.

Check it out below. It's pretty funny. And I should probably mention that there's a point where one of the guys sees a unicorn (it's at 2:16, FYI). It's a sweet, sweet blend of awkward rap and product placement, combined with the illustrious fantasies about fantasy football.


Image: DIRECTV/Youtbe