Want To Look Like Your Shirt Is Soaking Wet?

Maybe I'm alone on this, but isn't the worst part of the beach when you get out of the water and your friends are like, "Okay, we're leaving!" And you're like, "Oh, cool, now I get to walk around with boob water marks on my shirt because there's no way I'll be able to dry off in time"? Well, one Japanese brand at least seems to think that look is really sexy. Village Vanguard is selling T-shirts that look like you're wearing a wet bathing suit underneath, capitalizing on that annoying summertime fashion faux pas we all can't get enough of.

Cool, I guess? I suppose it's always nice when a brand takes something that's generally seen as a style no-no and tries to turn it into a trend. Like sandals with socks. It's taking back ownership of our sweat-soaked clothes! Basically, wearing this is saying, "What's wrong with getting a little schvitzy in the summer? Look how cool all these patterns are!" Except that you're not sweating nor have you recently pulled yourself out of a pool all hot and sultry-like. Instead, you just spent about $27 plus shipping and handling from Japan to look like you did. Whatever. Fashion is super weird.

Oh, and, you know, just in case your guy friend wants to get in on the illusion-of-wardrobe-malfunction top trend, Village Vanguard's got them covered too. They sell a men's shirt that looks like you're wearing a bra underneath. Hot. As. Hell.

If either of these fake-sheer shirts are particularly appealing to you — and you also happen to speak Japanese — head over to Village Vanguard's online store to snag them up.

Images: Village Vanguard