Brody Jenner Films Bruce Jenner's Police Run-In & Now Kendall & Kylie Have Dirt on Their Dad — VIDEO

What are the chances?! Everybody's favorite Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, Bruce Jenner, was pulled over recently for driving like a 19-year-old boy with a brand new set o' wheels. Apparently, Bruce was "squealing his tires" on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu and cops took notice and pulled him over. In a normal situation, this wouldn't exactly be "breaking news" — I mean, Bruce got pulled over; BFD, right? — but wherein lies the beauty of this is that his son, Brody Jenner, happened to be driving behind him when he was pulled over... and natch, he got the entire ordeal on video. And Instagrammed it, duh. Oh, like you'd do something different if you caught your dad being pulled over.

Bruce certainly wasn't breaking any crazy laws here, but it is worth noting that he sure is one heck of a preachy dad when it comes to his daughters, Kendall and Kylie. You'd think the man never did a single, solitary bad thing in his life the way he talks to them. And he read Kris the riot act on Sunday's KUWTK for using medical marijuana with her mother in case the two girls caught wind of it. (P.S., that could have been the greatest KUWTK scene ever.)

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I'm sure Bruce is a stand-up dude overall, but not gonna lie: I'm pretty happy Brody managed to catch this little incident on tape. Kendall and Kylie now totally have something to throw back in his face when he tells them to clean up their room or whatever.