The Oldest Living Humans Are Now All Women. Here They Are.

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Bet you've never heard the word "supercentenarian" before. It's an impressive title, but you'll need some time to earn it: a "supercentenarian" is someone who's lived longer than 110 years. (The world record is 122 years. That's a hell of a long retirement.) On Wednesday, the world's oldest living supercentenarian (super-human, more like) passed away. Japan's Jiroemon Kimura, born in 1897—as in, when Queen Victoria ruled over the British Empire–was 116 years old. Kimura took up farming as a hobby at 90, and credited his longevity to eating small portions of food. Now that he's passed, the world's 30 oldest people are all women - but who are they, and how on earth did they get this far? Click on to find out. (Photo: Kyotango City Government/Getty Images)

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