3 Damien Hirst Items We Might Be Able to Afford

Ever the commercial success, controversial artist Damien Hirst is known for a few things:

1. An ethically questionable shark encased in a glass vitrine and filled with formaldehyde titled, The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living — and trust, you will have full comprehension of the title if you see it in person.

2. Pill-filled pharmacy cabinets. (Useful!)

3. Sticking butterflies to canvases... (Pretty! And in bad taste.)

So the next obvious step in any serious artist's course is to collaborate with a fashion label. But really, I actually am enamored with the pill-laden crocodile backpack he created with The Row, never mind that it is roughly $40,000.

Finding success with his The Row collab, Hirst is at it again with a collaboration costing 100 times less. The scarves he is working on with Alexander McQueen will hit the shelves in November, and will feature his signature butterflies and other creepy insects in geometric shapes resembling the iconic McQueen skulls.

We'll hand it to the guy — he knows how to make a best seller. But I'm still not spending $400 on a scarf. If he'd only try something a bit more affordable... Here's what we'd like to see him do:

Damien Hirst for Scünci Elastic Hair Ties

The quality and price you love from Scünci, with a beautiful butterfly or cheeky Xanax attached! (Call me, Damien, I made a prototype.)

Eau de Shark Repellent, by Damien Hirst

We know, thanks to Shark Week, that sharks are repelled by the scent of dead shark. Why not sell exclusive vials of the excess, um, shark fluid? he didn't need for 'Physical Impossibility' over there, and package it in sweet little waterproof bracelets? Perfect for the beach-bound fashionista/art lover.

Damien Hirst Nail Art Kit

Featuring, crushed up pills! An interesting new texture, with the option to also buy a whole pill and pill sealing top coat, to avoid deterioration. There would definitely need to be an age restriction and major warning labels on that packaging, though.