Kristen Stewart Makes Plans to Go Back to School, Once Again Disses Hollywood

Kristen Stewart may have been the star of one of the biggest teen movie franchises of the decade, yet she's still not all that interested in making acting her lifelong career. According to reports, Kristen Stewart will be setting up her "life after film" by enrolling in UCLA to study literature. Apparently, the actress has a serious appetite for reading — and we're guessing it's for higher-quality reads than the Twilight series. Though Stewart will be seriously pursuing her degree, she won't let it effect any of her upcoming film roles.

Though it's great for Kristen to explore other interests and to pursue a college degree, we can't help but roll our eyes at Stewart's other statements regarding Hollywood and her education. According to an interview with British GQ, Stewart slammed her teachers for her not keeping up in school when her acting career took off.

"They didn't want to do the extra work or put packages together so I could keep up while away. My teachers failed me."

In addition, Stewart makes the claim that she was always slightly "embarrassed" of her career in Hollywood, particularly that it took precedent over her academic life.

"I'm slightly embarrassed as I had such serious ambitions when I was younger, I just never imagined that I would ever have a reason not to go to school. But then this happened."

Okay, yeah, not having a college degree you've always wanted might be slightly disappointing... but this is the life Stewart sought out and chose for herself. Stewart is a talented actress — lip-biting aside — and hearing her once again slamming acting while still taking on film roles is beyond frustrating, not to mention insulting to the people who supported her career from the get-go. It's one thing not to buy into the whole Hollywood thing (see Jennifer Lawrence for an example of how to do so gracefully) and another to pretend like you never wanted fame or a successful acting career in the first place.

While Stewart may be studying literature at UCLA, we can bet that there are a plethora of acting students at her new university who would die to have her problems.