Stephen Colbert Explains A Bit Of The Magic Away From His 'Get Lucky' Video

Despite our fantasies of Stephen Colbert calling up his buddies for an impromptu dance party — Hello, America's Got Talent? It's Colbert. I'm dancing in! — it seems that in reality, Colbchella was a bit more planned out than that. According to reports from as early as August 2, it was known that Colbert was planning some sort of video montage, but what it pertained to wasn't publicized quite yet.

Lucky for him, the video had come along to the point that when Daft Punk cancelled the day before, The Colbert Report were set. For once, Daft Punk's resistance to screen time worked in the favor of the media and Colbert said in his spot on The Paul Mercurio Podcast that since they refused to perform or really be interviewed, he had already arranged some alternatives, which worked out swimmingly when they failed to show up at all.

Now, for some this was heartbreaking — was it really as fun and spontaneous if Colbert had actually been preparing it weeks in advance? Guys, this is television, everything we see is edited within an inch of its life and unless you're watching something live, there's very little chance it was filmed even remotely when you thought it would've been. Additionally, movie stars and TV hosts are scheduled within an inch of their lives, so they fit in appearances where they can or there are no appearances at all. That's just the way it goes. If knowing this video took time to make and edit seems more important than watching Steve Colbert and Bryan Cranston roller-skate-jive together then sorry, you clearly weren't the target audience anyway.

It should be more impressive that Colbert pulled off a last minute cancellation so flawlessly, regardless of whether it took weeks or if it took days. Besides, if he hadn't, we wouldn't have his glorious video to watch forever and ever, nor would we have his excellent dance moves to copy. And where would we be then?