Anthony Weiner Said Hillary Clinton Is Running In 2016 But What Else Happened During His Buzzfeed Interview?

News of Anthony Weiner's potentially huge spill lit up the Internet Tuesday morning. Weiner was interviewed by Buzzfeed's Ben Smith Monday night as part of the Buzzfeed Brews series, and during the interview implied that his wife, Huma Abedin, will play a role in Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign — you know, the one that very much does not officially exist yet.

Clinton's spokesman said he had "no clue" what Weiner was talking about, and Weiner pretty much asserted the same thing, attempting to do some damage control after the interview. "No, if you go back and look at this question, it was 'do I know what my wife is doing?' And the answer is 'yes, and I’m not going to tell you.' That’s why everyone laughed. It’s kinda like 'if I tell you I’m going to have to kill you.' That kind of thing." Uh, right.

Predictably, the Internet opened a fresh "will she or won't she" detective case file to analyze the significance of Weiner's remark. The Atlantic even posited that the entire point of the Weiner mayoral campaign in itself is actually a grand conspiracy theory: get the intense scrutiny and speculation facing Weiner, and by association Abedin, over and done with before Abedin embarks on the Hillary campaign trail.

And of course the Twittersphere blew up.

But the Hillary comment wasn't the only interesting thing Weiner said during the interview. He also remarked on New York City's stop-and-frisk policy, "The outcome certainly does appear to be racial in nature," Weiner said.

Another memorable quote came when Weiner furthered his positive reputation with the media, poking fun at Smith's interview questions. "You can do this or show videos of cats or whatever it is you do at Buzzfeed."

Weiner also continued his "powerful voices want me to lose" mantra, this time hating on the New York Times. "The New York Times — wait for it — doesn’t want me to win,” said Weiner. “Their heads are exploding over the idea… They go and write stories about the campaign dedicated to the color of my pants. I don’t care. It makes them nuts that I don’t care."

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton herself added fuel to the fire by delivering a dynamic speech on voting rights Monday in San Francisco, sharply criticizing voter ID laws.

"Not every obstacle is related to race, but anyone who says that racial discrimination is no longer a problem in American elections must not be paying attention," Clinton said in her remarks. "And despite the best efforts of many well-intentioned election officials, discrepancies and resources across precincts and polling stations still disproportionately affect African-American, Latino, and young voters."

Clinton also announced she would deliver a series of policy speeches in the coming months, including one in September on national security.

Meanwhile, Weiner is maintaining his stronghold over last place in the polls, currently coming in with a measly 10 percent. Heads are definitely exploding over at the Times.

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