'Nashville's Season 2 Promo Promises More Country-Fueled Girl Power

ABC's Nashville has all the trappings of your everyday broadcast drama. Its promos are all filled with shiny, gossipy text and slow-motion montages that advertise its classically soapy plot line: two women from different generations compete over attention, resulting in shared men and broken hearts.

But over the course of its first season, Nashville offered us much more than glittery dresses and attractive country singers. In spite of, or maybe even because of its dramatic, country core, the show has subtly brought to the table a conversation of femininity vs. feminism, and introduced two of TV's strongest feminists into a genre that's been perceived as conservative and sexist in the past.

A perfect blend of emotional turbulence, endlessly catchy music and intricate, thoughtful characters, Nashville has captured our hearts and drained us of every last drop of cynicism about country music. To put things into perspective, we haven't been as traumatized as we were by (SPOILER!) Rayna and Deacon's car crash by anything on TV since (OTHER SPOILER, maybe) Jen died in the finale of Dawson's Creek.

Season 1 ended with more than one very effective cliffhanger, and we've been (unsuccessfully) trying to avoid obsessing over them all summer. Thankfully, the pain will be over on September 25, and the commercial breaks during the CMA Awards last night were chock full of teasers for the Season 2.

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We'd suggest planning for country-themed, Nashville-viewing Wednesday nights starting immediately, but that's your call.