Backstage on late night television is where all of the antics really happen. It's the only place — except for maybe the Hollywood DMV — where you'll have a handful of celebrities that have nothing to do with one another sitting together and waiting. So now, behold: a selfie of Taylor Swift and Boy George, courtesy of Late Night With Seth Meyers. Seriously — this is the stuff late night TV selfie dreams are made of, and it's definitely one of the best celebrity selfies taken on television. It holds a place in the Selfie Hall of Fame next to that one Bill Murray and David Letterman took with Lady Gaga.

I mean, check out that dueling eyeliner.

It goes without saying that Boy George looks like a Madden bro (is there some sort of secret celebrity gene pool?), and his face also looks a bit like the face of Sansa Stark (remember that one, Internet?). It also seems imperative to note that Boy George is also CLEARLY a T. Swift fan, but then again, who isn't? I thought for a hot second that T. Swift's music was too tween for my taste, but then I got a zit and it was like my tween years came spiraling back to me, and I got really into Red. Also, Swift is the human celebrity incarnation of an angel and yeah, she became even cooler for hanging out with Boy George. Karma chameleon, my friends!