'Pitch Perfect 2' Cast & Anna Kendrick Are WWE SummerSlam Fans for an Obvious Reason — PHOTOS

Is Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick a wrestling fan? It seems that she is. Uproxx pointed out that Kendrick went to WWE's SummerSlam — the site posted a picture of Kendrick chilling in the background while hosts talked about wrestling and all that stuff. Machismo! Wrestling! Smackdown! Buh bam!

Uproxx also shed light on why Kendrick would go to Summer Slam in the first place. Is watching wrestling a secret pastime of hers? It might be, but it's actually because Kendrick was showing support for one of her fellow Barden Bellas. Aww, see?! It all comes back to Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2, as it always should. The lady wrestler, "The Ravishing Russian" Lana, whose professional acting name is C.J. Perry, was a Bella in the background in Pitch Perfect. Talk about a varied resume. Further, that's why Kendrick and some of the other Pitch Perfect 2 ladies — Chrissie Fit, Brittany Snow, and Kelley Jackle — showed up to SummerSlam.

So essentially, Kendrick has continued to be one of the coolest pals in Hollywood, as she shows up to cheer on her friends as they wrestle. Actually, scratch that — all of those Pitch Perfect girls are awesome. This is proof that the Bellas stick together.

So... how long til the sequel comes out?

Check out what Lana tweeted below to see the Bellas and Lana at Summer Slam:

Kendrick also posted this pic of Lana, Snow, Jakle, Fit, and herself on Instagram:

Yup — it's all about that Bella support. Shall we break out into a cappella song now?

Image: annakendrick47/Instagram