Is Taylor Swift's Website Down? "Shake It Off" Fans Broke Her Online Store

Monday afternoon was a big day for Taylor Swift fans: The country crooner dropped news about her forthcoming album, 1989, and even dropped a brand new track with a fully-formed music video to boot. What more could a Taylor Swift loving fan want?! Well, apparently, they'd like some T. Swift swag to celebrate the monumental occasion. Except if you're trying to access the Taylor Swift store, where you can purchase CDs, T-shirts, stickers and more, you're SOL. That's right, Taylor Swift fans, in their insatiable hunger to devour all things Swift, broke Taylor Swift's official store.

Apparently the joy of listening to "Shake It Off" the first single off her upcoming 1989, is just too much joy to withhold without a Taylor Swift mug to hold while listening. So, all you Taylor Swift fans who have contributed to the problem: It is possible to love something too much. According to the website, everything should be up and running again shortly. That is, if Taylor Swift stops exuding awesomeness at every turn and inflicting Taylor Swift swag FOMO on her avid listeners.

While you wait for the store to be fully functioning once again, have another listen to Swift's latest single, "Shake It Off"