The Trees Hold the Secret to Success

A few weeks ago Kim Kardashian's iPhone game immortalized Paris, France and gave it its own digital version in Kardashianland. Filled with a hot new restaurant, French magazine headquarters, and even a Parisian apartment for sale, it's pretty easy to want to fork over the $60 to get there. But the trip abroad is even more worthwhile when you realize that you can get energy in Paris just by tapping on some objects. And if you're an avid Kim Kardashian: Hollywood player, I don't have to tell you the importance of those little blue lightning bolts.

You can hardly do anything without them, and they're pretty costly to buy with real money. So learning that you can rack them up for free is pretty exciting. Kim's version of Paris gives you three chances to gain energy by tapping away at some objects on the street. They're not guaranteed to cough up a bolt, but you will at least get points and cash so it's worth it all the same.

Shelling out $60 may seem like a lot, but it's cheaper than it would be to travel to Paris in real life, and the rewards you can gather there are rather priceless. So hop on a plane and get tapping on these objects today.


In Kim's world, money literally grows on trees. So for some fancy rewards hit up the tree outside the hotel and restaurant.


Perhaps in a sweet homage to her hubby's "Bound 2" video, Kim has left a motorcycle in Paris. Tap on it for a shot at some energy.


Does Paris have this many trees? Who knows! All I know is that they give me points, and that's all that matters. This energy hotspot is located outside the Femme magazine headquarters.

Images: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (4)