Brooklyn Beckham's Ice Bucket Challenge Is Irresistible Thanks to Harper's Adorable Accent — VIDEO

Oh, the Ice Bucket Challenge — say what you will about it, but it won't stop the many, many, many celebrity videos from coming in. My personal favorite thing about the celebrity videos is that you get a glimpse into these famous folks' homes and that you can get some really spontaneous commentary from celebs' families — like in this particular Ice Bucket Challenge featuring Brooklyn Beckham and Harper Beckham, the adorable kids of one of the most gorgeous couples of all time, David Beckham and Victoria Beckham.

To be accurate — it's supposed to be Brooklyn's video. But even though Brooklyn's the one who gets doused in ice water, it's Harper's voice that steals the show. When she bursts into giggles when she sees her brother rolling on the floor after he's been iced, it's adorable. The best part is when she says "Brooklyn" at the end in her amazing British accent. So cute.

Make no mistake, the Beckhams are a top notch celebrity family, and this home video is just as top notch as anything else you'd expect from the gorgeous clan. Brooklyn's reaction to the freezing cold water is pretty priceless. Still, it's really nice to see the kids from this famous and fashionable family having a good, sweet, giggly time.

You can check it out below, and watch until the end for Harper's to die for accent. If you have a pulse and like adorable things, then it will definitely make you crack a smile.