Kids Hilariously Reenact Emmy-Nominated Dramas 'True Detective,' 'Mad Men' & More — VIDEO

You might have thought you know everything there is to know about your favorite Emmy nominated television shows, but you know nothin' until you've seen these kids reenact these 2014 Emmy-nominated dramas. In this adorable, hilarious video (I legit laughed out loud while watching it, I kid you not) brought to you by, you'll see some kids taking on roles popularized by actors like Kevin Spacey, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Matthew McConaughey. It's gold. It's real. It's powerful. When a kiddie Frank Underwood breaks the fourth wall, you know stuff's serious.

But the humor doesn't stop at watching kids wear suits — the dialogue is pretty spot-on. It's also quite funny to hear these kids innocently spout out some pretty meta stuff, so hats off to the writers of this video. When you hear a child point out that the man we've grown to recognize as Rust Cohle (thanks to the McConaissance!) was previously recognized for his work in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, it's almost as priceless as hearing that kid dust that off with his best, "all right, all right, all right!"

So, watch these adorable kids as they take on Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Mad Men, True Detective, Downton Abbey, and Breaking Bad. You know their parents are proud. Isn't it every poppa's dream to see his son dressed like Don Draper? And isn't it every momma's dream to hear her tyke impersonate Jesse Pinkman, feigning enthusiasm about cooking crystal meth?