Yoga Is Too Sexy For Kids, Says Man

So, when I saw this news story I had to check like three times to make sure it was real. But yes, y'all. It's real. A man actually wants to stop a children's camp from teaching yoga because he thinks yoga is too sexy for kids.

Gursant Singh, of Yuba City, Calif., is campaigning to prevent a three-day children's camp at a Sikh temple from including yoga from the Yogi Bhajan group in its program. He says he's concerned that teaching yoga to children will encourage them to engage in tantric sex. Singh sounds positively panic-stricken that yoga will lead to children practicing tantric (aka SEXY) yoga:

“A lot of these tantric yoga exercises are done where men and women who are unmarried, who maybe have never met, looking into each other’s eyes, and they're doing these exercises, and they’ll also be touching. There's this undertone of sexual practices."

Singh says even though he knows the children in the camp won't be practicing tantric moves, that doesn't mean that they won't do it in the future. He was a member of the Yogi Bhajan group for thirty years and knows firsthand the danger of the group, he says. This isn't the first time the Yogi Bhajan group has been accused of cult-like activity, so I would be a lot more sensitive to Singh's concerns if they were focused on the group as a whole, rather than just that the group plans to teach yoga to children. But saying that teaching yoga to children promotes sexual behavior is like saying that teaching a dog to fetch promotes hoarding. (Wait, what? Exactly.)

It's clearly ridiculous, which is why a member of the temple, Tejinder Singh Desong, says the camp has no intention of cutting out yoga from its camp curriculum:

"It’s a good sport. I see nothing wrong with that.”