Someone's About To Get A Trim

In case you haven't been paying attention to Jared Leto and his signature beard, here's what you need to know: His beard is — er, was — very, very long. It was Jesus-length (this is not a contrived thought — Leto himself said he was asked to perform some resurrections). But Leto's beard had gotten really, really long; it had gone from mountain man status to bushy wizard status, and everybody loves to comment on a bushy wizard beard. Everybody, including a certain Tonight Show Host, who thought it was a time for a trim. Never one to miss an opportunity, Jimmy Fallon trimmed Jared Leto's beard.

At first, Leto is a little surprised — it's not every day that a late night television host busts out his beard trimmer — but by the time he starts hearing the audience's wild applause, he seems to settle into his new look, even before he has the opportunity to check it out in the mirror. And it's a good look; Fallon apparently has some secret barber skills up his sleeve! That, or he once grew his beard out to ridiculous lengths, and he already has experience trimming epic beards. By the end of the video, Leto has gone from bushy wizard Jesus — a look that does suit Leto — to a guy you might go on a date with if you live in Brooklyn.

If you feel passionately about beards, then you must check out the video below.