Justin Timberlake's Instagram Feed Is the Best P.R. This Kid Could Ask For

If we forgive Justin Timberlake is ramen noodle hair style from the late '90s and his excessive eyebrow raises in The Social Network, there's really nothing that the kid has done wrong. Well, OK. He got the Take Back the Night memo a little late, but hey, he was able to turn that around and draw more attention to the cause, so yeah, doesn't count. Point is, the dude's pretty flawless when it comes to his public relations, and his latest stunt is no exception. Using Instagram, Justin Timberlake's track list for The 20//20 Experience: Part 2 of 2 was revealed, bit, by bit, by bit. And it's mesmerizing.

If you have a few minutes to kill, it's fun to click through J.T.'s feed and watch the videos he's uploaded that slowly expose the list of song titles on his new album. The 20/20 Experience dropped in March and had such hits as "Suit & Tie" and "Mirrors" — Part 2 of 2 is set for release on September 30.

If you don't have time for the indulgent videos, though, here's the track list in plain text:

1. Gimmie What I Don’t Know (I Want)2. True Blood3. Cabaret4. T.K.O.5. Take Back the Night6. Murder7. Drink You Away8. You Got It On9. Amnesia10. Only When I Walk Away11. Not A Bad Thing

Leave it to the PR machine that is J.T. to actually get us amped about the release of song titles, which in reality, couldn't possibly be less exciting. It's doubtful anyone's walking away from the reveal thinking, Wow, T.K.O. sounds really promising, guys. But we're talking about it, and fuck, why are we talking about this?

Oh, Justin. You had us at "Tearin' Up My Heart", and you still have us now.